Saturday, March 28, 2009


I know that normally I have a post up on Monday mornings, but my weekend was taken up by some other writing.

My independent study paper is due on Friday. This means that I am spending way more time thinking about mountain bike trails for the next couple of days than any normal person would. Honestly I am thinking more about trails and trail design than I do when I'm on a bike.

OK, I'll be more honest, I only picked this topic for my paper because I can go on training rides and then call it work. The problem with this method of "research" is that I have been spending a lot of time riding, lots of time on the trails, and haven't really made a lot of observations not related to the rather poor state of my fitness. I would really love to hand a paper in to Dr. Davis that simply said, "I'm out of shape and wish I were riding more." That would not get up to my 12 page requirement though, so I have to get a little more work done on my observations.

I have three solid pages of writing done after spending some time writing this weekend, although to be honest I was more concerned with having a good time, as I am on most weekends, than I was with having any real work to show for it. I now have four days to churn out nine more pages of work, so if I can do three pages a day I'll be done early.

My training schedule for the week is probably going to be abused, but once this paper is done I'm going to start training for Wintergreen. I've already switched from chocolate and candy to celery for my snacking so hopefully I'll see some improvement on the scale even without putting the time in on the bike that I need to.