Sunday, April 5, 2009

An ode to weather and commitments

It was in the high 60s yesterday. Low 70s today. What did I do with both of these beautiful days? I gave my life over to the choirs at Emory and Sinking Springs and the art department. Yes, I spent the entirety of the weekend inside either singing, being talked to about singing, unwrapping photos, or dining with the visiting artist.

Weather forecast for the next three days...

Monday: 49 with rain

Tuesday: 32 with snow

Wednesday: 47 with rain

My schedule clears up significantly for these next few "wonderful" days. Just great. All of this with a 6 hour looming in front of me on Saturday. Just great.


The Breaker said...

Are we still spending the evening training on Monday then?

Roadie Steve said...

I have a photo lyceum to go to at 7:30. So if we can ride after that and it is not stormy like tonight.