Saturday, December 20, 2008

A stupid idea

You know it is a bad idea when I shoot an email to Jared or Jono saying, "hey, this looks stupid, let's do it". Well that is exactly what I did when I found The Most Horrible Thing Ever.

Yes, I know, I know. Racing in February is not a cool thing. No, it is actually cold, possibly even freezing. All the more worth it.

And yes a also realized that it is just one week before my senior art show goes up. Thats ok, too, as all my work is done.

What I do find to be a bad idea is that I will get back from Italy exactly a month before the event which leaves me with 4 precious weeks of training before this beast.

January is going to be fun and full of riding.


The Breaker said...

I've been training in temperitures of about 20 degreese the last couple of days and I have made some observations that might help us out.
1. My new bike is amazing
2. Salt in the water does not stop the tube on your Camelbak from freezing
3. It's easy to keep everything too warm, except your toes... today I had on two pairs of wool socks and garbage bags and still after 3 hours my toes had gone from pain to numb to pain on the other side, which I don't think is good.

I still think it will be fun... or at least a good story to tell.