Monday, October 27, 2008

Rain on my Parade

I had been looking forward to Friday for almost the entire week. School was a drag and I needed a break. Steve and I had decided that we would head down to Bristol after classes ended and get in some riding on some trails down there that he had found. Wednesday I found out that my cartography class was canceled on Friday and it seemed that the world was conspiring to help me relax a bit.
As I picked up Steve Friday after class it started to rain a little bit. As we swung by Steve’s place it was really raining. We loaded up the bikes and then drove down south. The cold rain was bracing as we set out on the ride. The paved path around the lake made for a good warm-up and then fate arrived. There was a dam with water flowing over it and I decided to ride across it. I got about half way when the wet leaves got the better of me and the bike flew down the slide. It was like going down on a downhill run, I slid perhaps a foot and was just watching the bike as it slid away. The trails were great fun even if they were wet, slick, and covered in those darn wet leaves. Nothing beats a good ride on new trails with a big bruise on your hip and rain falling the entire time.
It just goes to prove that the worst day of riding is much better than the best day of pretty any thing else.