Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why does changing one part lead to several parts?

So, I have almost finished my trials bike....again. I started out with a beater trials bike, which was fun but I was never able to really get into it since it didn't really fit me. So, I bought a new frame and fork, and thought that would be good to change things out so I could have a better feeling bike. Well, one thing led to another and a fork and frame came out to be a bit more. Heres the way it went:

1 Frame and fork led to a new headset.
2 Which led to a new stem so I could use the awesome headset cap. 
3 The stem led to new bars.
4 New bars led to new grips. 
5 The frame came with a new ISIS bottom bracket which led to new cranks. 
6 New cranks led to a new set of pedals. 
7 The cranks needed a new cog since the vice is broken and I can't get the old one off my old cranks. 
8 Then I found out that the bolts for my brake mounts were too long and that my brake wouldn't hit my old rim as well as I needed. This led to a new wheelset a new brake mounts.

So, my slight change outs basically came out to be a new bike. The only thing left that is off the old bike is the brakes and brake levers. Who knows, I have to fix the rear brake. Though I have said to Jess that I will not buy anything else for a while. But I do kinda need to rebleed my maggie. Yeesh. What to do, what to do. Guess I have to wait to spend money again.

Lesson learned.

NEVER try to just switch out one part, it will never work. You will always find something else to make the bike work better.

Jono (trials dude with a spending problem)


Well, there is an update to this problem. The rims work great with the brakes, but it seems that the snail cams don't really work to hold the wheel where it is supposed to be. Maybe the old snail cams will work. Too bad that the nice threshold tensioners dont work, just because the axle is too thick. Maybe I can drill it out some.

Anyways, NEVER try to change out one part. Something else will go wrong and the whole bike wont work to your specifications.