Monday, October 27, 2008

Bikes, parts, and problems

Well, we cant let steve have all the fun, now can we?

I'm Jono, the trials dude, the weird guy trying to jump up on stuff with his bike. 

Ive been doing trials for a while and having a lot of fun with my old bike and have just upgraded to a new frame and fork. It works great and feels great, but there is a problem with the bike; how can you jump your bike up on stuff when your rear brakes wont really touch your rear rim? 

Well, you can't. 

So I've bought a new wheelset with a wider rear rim, and I'm wondering what I should get now, the really good freewheel, the lesser freewheel for cheap, and what about brake mounts? The new or the old? So many things to try and figure out before I can even touch the bike again. 


We will just have to see what happens.