Sunday, October 26, 2008


So Jared and I went out for a nice spin through the woods today... at least I thought it was a nice ride to start out. The few leaves on the trees were still vibrant. But when there are few leaves on the trees, there are many leaves on the slightly wet and rocky trail. Yet it was a beautiful day and neither of us had to work so we went for a ride. 

Great climb up 51 and FR 90 (though climb showed that both of us are out of shape), awesome start on the Iron, got into the groove early. And then an unseen slick rock sent me into the bushes. And said bushes caught my bar and sent me spinning across the trail and headfirst down the slope. 

The next two miles of trail hurt like hell, causing sharp, shooting pains in my shoulder and nice, warm pain in my rear (no really, a 4 inch square patch of bruises and scrapes). To make matters even better, once on the road my tire kept going flat. So Jared would pump it back up (by this point my right arm was useless as was evident by my swerving whenever I tried to stop) and we kept on trucking. 

Finally back at home, I settled in for a nice relaxing night of TV and food. Until my roommate came in, saw my right shoulder drooping 4 inches bellow my left shoulder, and immediately demanded that I go to the hospital. Now an hour of waiting, 3 x-rays, and one loritab latter, I know what I thought before, my shoulder huts. Thats it... no dislocation, fracture, or major sprain. And now I have boatloads of papers to fill out when I get home from the insurance companies. 

So lesson is learned. Ride on wet leaves. Just don't let your roommate take you unwillingly to the hospital.