Thursday, February 26, 2009


There is an inherent problem with having a blog. Even on a blog such as this one what with the three writers, topical material, and no crowds to please there is a real shortage of interesting things to write about.

It was more than 60 degrees out today, but I'm not really thinking that you want to read about the weather.

I've put more than 100 miles on my legs this week (and it's not quite over yet) for the fist time since... well probably October, but November at the latest. Do you really want to read about every training mile though.

See, I've tried to blog before and I just don't have all that interesting a life, nor do I have the will power to sit down and think of a funny story every day. This upcoming weekend though Roadie Steve and I are going to solve our material shortage problem... probably for a while.

Saturday we will be at the North American Hand Made Bike Show. There will be lots of desire to spend money which we will try to avoid doing, mostly because there's not really any to spend right now, and lots of pictures to take and stuff to see.

Next week I will be posting every day, pictures of my favorite bikes and components, and I'm pretty sure that Steve will be willing to do the same thing. I'm getting excited for this trip now, got my camera battery charging right now as a matter of fact, so you guys enjoy your weekend and I'll see you all next week.