Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why I want you to livestrong

Someone asked me recently why I was taking part in the LIVESTRONG challenge set up by Fatty. Many would assume it was because I like bikes, therefore I like Fatty and Lance Armstrong, and would therefore do something involving them. To a point true, but not at the heart of the matter. What really caused me to start my fundraising campaign also caused me to start wearing a LIVESTRONG wrist band 4 years ago. I have lost three people to cancer. Two great aunts, one of whom I watched battle brain cancer as I was growing up. The third person that I lost I never knew. My grandfather died when my dad was a kid. Never meeting him, only having photos to remind me of him have made me realize how devastating this disease is.

It's been many years since cancer has affected a person in my life. But this past month Andrea's father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. And again I was reminded of how cancer is everywhere. So with that in mind I jumped on Fatty's request for team members and renewed my support of the cause I began supporting a dollar at a time in high school. So in honor of Mr. Behrer and in memory of Curtis Jones, I will raise money for the Armstrong Foundation. And as an extra incentive to those of you reading if I not only match my goal of $250 but surpass $600, I will ride a century on my fixie. (For those non-cyclist readers that means riding a hundred miles on a bike with one gear that you can't coast on.)

So come on and support a good cause. I don't care if you donate, volunteer, or spread the word, just make sure we get as many people fighting this disease with as many resources as possible.


Andrea said...

I love you Steve :)