Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The School Ride

Here I am sitting in the instrumental rehearsal hall, still in my bibs from this morning ride, just thinking about how wonderful it is to finally be on a bike again. I had been riding to school pretty much every day when the school year started in August. Took a couple days off to take stuff to and from school in my truck, but once everything was set up, I was riding every day, and it felt good. 

But of course, life had to intervene. I started having to do things late at school so I would drive. My girlfriend would be staying over with me, and I would drive us both to school early in the morning because she had an 8 o'clock class. I twisted my ankle and thought I had broken it or torn something serious, luckily it was just a sprain but I still used that as an excuse to drive to school(the ankle is better, still not fully healed though).  And I just kept finding reasons to drive to school instead of riding my bike.

Then the pledge week started. My girlfriend, Jessica, decided to pledge into a sorority, so she was not going to really be able to see me at all during the evenings because of pledge activities. So I decided to start driving that week so I could spend as much time as I could with her. Then being away from her caused me to stress and start smoking again. 

So, smoking, not riding, getting fatter. All those lovely things started happening. I felt depressed and I didn't really want to ride any. I couldn't make it up the hills that I used to be able to power up with no problem. The only riding I did from September 23rd to November 3rd was one short 17 minute session on the rollers, and some riding around campus on various bikes, along with some trials work at the house and campus.

I kept finding reasons not to ride and kept the smoke stack going. Finally, I decided to ride to school again. I was wasting money on gas and cigarettes and I couldn't afford it anymore. 

Then I realized something on the ride; I needed this time to myself. I needed to have the wind blowing on my face, the feeling of going my own pace in life. I realized that without that morning commute, I was worthless during the day. I was worthless at night. All I wanted to do is sit and do nothing but surf the net and watch T.V. 

So, I am finally riding to school again. I am feeling better and stronger every day. I have lost quite a bit of fitness, but hopefully I will be able to regain some of that this winter. 

The moral is, if you start finding reasons to not ride, realize that its not good for you(unless its an injury). You need to find reasons to ride and feel that wind on your face. Go out for a ride, I promise that if you look around and see what's going on and don't just focus on pounding the pedals, you'll have a great time. 

- Jono 


Jess said...

I am glad you finally stopped smoking and got back on the bike. I hope I can keep up with you tomorrow morning on the ride in.

Steve said...

Its good to see you on the bike again. Wish I felt good enough to ride. Lucky bugger!