Monday, November 3, 2008

No Shave November

November is upon us and for those of us here at pink racing that means two things:
1. The memory of being in racing shape is starting to seem more and more fuzzy. The words, "we used to do this ride in two hours?" can now be heard an hour and a half into a ride that has not even reached the ridge line yet. Last season may be a fading memory, but next season still feels far enough away to not be overly concerned that many of my days consist of nothing more than riding to school and then riding home a few hours later.
2. It's time for No Shave November! I'm sitting here right now with three days of scruff on my face and to be honest I already miss my beard. I look way too young without it. I was even carded at the ABC Store the other day. It will be worth it though because at the end of the month it will be Mustache Monday, a holiday that demands pictures and I assure you they will be provided.

In other news, Jono and I have started setting up a trials park in the back yard. It's still definitely a work in progress, but it's fun to have something to play around on.