Monday, May 4, 2009

100 Miles

So I know that it's been mentioned that this summer's stupid event is going to go toward helping a good cause at the Livestrong Challenge.

Coming up much sooner than that, however, is another way to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation that is probably going to hurt a lot more.

The Trials Dude, Roadie Steve, and I are all going to be riding in Fat Cyclist's 2nd Anual 100 Miles of Nowhere. The only race that just for registering for guarantees you a win in your age/category/location. For 100 miles we will be sitting on trainers or rollers, wondering why on earth we felt the need to do this. I'm sure I have mentioned how boring I find riding without moving, and here we are agreeing to do 100 miles of it, in fact we are paying for it.

Of course we're doing it because the annoyance of riding those rollers is a small price to pay to help raise money for a great organization, so how about this... I'll ride for 100 miles and you the readers sponsor my efforts... like an old school walk-a-thon only much more borring.

I'll have people take pictures of my suffering to post to this blog too, so you'll know that you're getting your money's worth. Just pledge a few cents a mile and watch it add up, or go ahead and make a donation to my livestrong page... every little bit helps.


caitielynn said...

Oh boys, Im sure I could find you a much more interesting race here in Korea....then you could come see me!!! I miss you all tons!