Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rag Doll

Today is going to start off with one of my personal favorites from the show. This bike's theme was music. There were notes, guitars, and even a treble clef on the bike to give it a definate one of a kind look. As if all of that weren't enough the lug work was also really well done.
This is a perfectly restored 1951 Cinelli. This bike was one of the coolest things I saw at the show, although it did make me seriously debate (and I still am) shelling out the cash to repaint the Peugeot.
Here's where things get a little different. This bike was made in Ghana as nothing more than a transportation device. All of the components cost $150 and the frame is real bamboo. It's strong, light, and cheep. I think it's a great project to bring transportation to under developed countries.

If it's done in the developing world for cost effective travel, you'd better believe that we can do it here for pure speed. This is a bamboo track bike. It's entirely, well except for a few moving parts, made of bamboo. Even the wheels are old school wooden hoops. I have to say that as far as innovation goes, this bike probably takes the cake. Even with all those body components it's light, thanks to all those cross members it's really strong, and it will certainly turn some heads.