Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The other half of NAHBS

There is one thing about NAHBS that the Breaker has not mentioned in his posts thus far... there was tons of great schwag. What, some of you seem to be asking, is schwag? Schwag is free stuff... cool, free stuff. You expect the usual: business cards, fliers, catalogs, stickers, etc. What we got was tons better. First off well designed business cards where the thing this year with some great designs. (I will do a post of all of the 2D schwag when I have more time). Next up where some great new magazines like COG (for those art driven people out there, check this one out) and Bicycle Times (published by the guys at Dirt Rag). Then came stickers, a lot of which rocked. Dirt Rag had their usual stash of cool ones. But as Jared and I approached their booth to snag a few, the guy asked us if we wanted some X rated ones. At which point he brought out stickers that said "Get on a _____ bike". Half of the room flocked in to grab those. Another popular freebie was the Brooks Saddles nice, eco-friendly, cloth bag (which I used to carry their catalog and COG). But the top of the list in terms of cool goes to Thomson who not only brought their stickers, but also key chains. And not just little plastic ones that say Thomson, but cross sections of the blanks they use to make their world famous seat posts. Awesome! Well, that is all I have for now. I am sure the Breaker will have something good for you all tomorrow. I'll explore the realm of softgoods on Thursday.