Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hitting the Road Again

Monday started out cool and damp. Not a bad day for a bike ride, but not a great day either. So I hit the road to school on the C'dale. No big deal.

Then I got out of class in the afternoon planning a longer ride. That is when I noticed something. That fine mist that had made the morning commute interesting had turned into a nice drizzle. And before I knew it my I was soaked through. But I kept on riding heading out along the North Holston and doubling back towards Haytor's Gap. Finally I reached the turn off for Rich Valley Rd, which takes me to Abingdon.

This where it hit me that I was a) cold and b) hungry. Evidently having only Lornaduns for lunch and Poptarts for breakfast can be detrimental to cycling perfrmance. Which is kinda funny, because I just realized that is what I have had today and am planning another fun ride (more on that later).

Needless to say I suffered it out and didn't call Caitlyn or Andrea. But I did eat two pieces of cake, a large amount of mac and cheese, and a heaping portion of barbeque. All of which I can add to the marks agains me reaching my racing weight.


The Breaker said...

we're not going to start posting our weight are we...