Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Amazingness that is Twin Six

I have a problem. And I know what you all are going to say... "Yes, Steve. We know you have problems." Well, I admit that I have multiple problems. But I have one that is particularly troubling. It's called Twin Six. They make some pretty amazing stuff. T-shirts, jerseys, socks, drinking glasses, hats, water bottles, etc.

Now here is the heart of the problem... I have some of the stuff they make, but I want most of the stuff they make. And a larger problem is that I would love to work for them or a company like them. Which has lead to the creation of a hypothetical company which I am currently designing logos and business documents for. But these guys are the originals... cool, clean, functional designs. And their t-shirts are the most comfortable fashion statement I have ever owned. Now if only I could score a longsleeve wool jersey like... *cough***cough*... then my cycling wardrobe would be complete. And yeah, I rock the brand name jersey with the Performance shorts.


The Breaker said...

I got caught, they know about the jersey.

Roadie Steve said...

Well... it was going to happen sooner or later. At least you can wear it proudly now.