Friday, January 30, 2009

Planning for the season

I will keep this short as it is Friday and I know some of you... cough cough ... hate reading blog entries over the oh so sacred weekend. And to be honest I wrote this yesterday and would have posted it then had I not fallen asleep over the keyboard. But I can't wait and post this next week. Then it would be old... and old entries are like old brakes... kinda worthless.

So we have finally gotten some decent riding weather around here. I mean some days into the 50s, not too much rain, sunny skies... great winter riding. And what comes along? A nice little stomach bug. Yeah... fun times. Just ask Andrea. So four (glorious) days, several sleepless nights, and one IV of fluids later guess what happens. The weather goes back down hill. And the next day it looks to be nice is Sunday (Church, Greek Council, hazing meeting, choir rehearsal, Super Bowl, etc.) So no nice rides for me. Ahhhhhhh!

Onto other news.
I am out for The Most Horrible Thing Ever. Also out is the Leesburg Baker's Dozen as it has already sold out.

Here is my list of races to attempt for 2009:

6 Hour Grind- South Carolina / April 11th

Wintergreen Ascent- Virginia / May 2nd
12 Hours of Tsali- North Carolina / May 23

Cowbell Challenge Marathon- North Carolina / June 6th
24 Hours of Big Bear- West Virginia / June 13th
Cowbell Challenge XC- North Carolina / Junes 21st

24 Hours of 9 Mile (National Championships)- Wisconsin / July 24th

Now somewhere in there, something will pop up. Bays Mountain will be a must if I am in the area along with Iron Mountain. And I am sure I will have to pick one race to leave off of my May selection.


The Breaker said...

Hey, there's nothing wrong with old brakes as long as you can still find brake pads.

Caitlyn said...

OK so I totally think you should do the WV Race...all three of you so I can come camp out and see you over the summer!!!! its just a bit away from me :)

-the Roomie