Thursday, November 13, 2008

Team Fatty: Fighting For Susan

Yesterday Fat Cyclist announced that he is starting "Team Fatty: Fighting For Susan." This team is a cycling related team but it is more of a contest on who can have the most people and most money raised for the Livestrong foundation. I know that I am going to join as a member and my girlfriend Jessica is going to join, too. I am also pretty sure that Jared and Steve are going to join up too. We want you however, to help out and be a part of something great. We want you to donate some money through us to Team Fatty and thereby donating to the Livestrong Foundation. 

If you all don't know about Livestrong, then you should check out their website. They take around 10-20 % of the money they receive to go towards keeping the foundation running and pay for salaries and things of that nature. The rest of the money goes towards helping cancer patients and cancer research. 

So we want you to help, any amount is great. There is no amount that is too large or too small. 

This will all be starting around December 1st, so check back on the site between now and then and we will have more details for you. Save up and help a great cause and help break a record. 

- Jono


Andrea said...

I'm definitely going to be giving you guys some money to put toward this good cause :)