Friday, November 7, 2008

Idea for a Bike

I stumbled upon an awesome street/dirt jump bike on the forums. This guy uses an industrial Sharpie to draw these designs onto the bike. I think it is about time to try this (with some color) on the F1. If all goes well, the new Scalpel might get some too.

In other news I have been running a fever, had a sore throat, and in general been feeling downright shitty all week. This has meant, little riding this week. But tomorrow is looking good. I am feeling much better after taking a day off of everything and feel like a short jaunt through the woods.

Whats even better is the Jared and I are supposed to take a New-Be out for his first Iron Mountain ride. Should be fun. I hope he comes out better than I did!

Now off for more Sharpie scheming!


Jess said...

The sharpie idea sounds really cool. I'm sorry that you're sick I might have been the one to get you sick. I have the same thing, but I don't think I have a fever.

Jared said...

Nice fork on that there bike, but it must be hard to ride without a chain.